Sunday, August 16, 2009

choosing love - listening to my whispers

I think all of us have a voice that whispers our truth

whispers our wonderfulness,

whispers our life purpose

whispers our desires

and for all kinds of reasons we don't hear

sometimes we are listening too hard to someone else

sometimes we are sitting with our fingers in our ears singing lalalalalalalalalala

sometimes we have just forgotten the language of our internal/eternal selves

our voice of our own perfection.

So this morning i listened to the whisper that told me to not get mad when i was in the "wrong" lane, to visit a shop that popped into my mind...

and when i was there i met a woman i know who is a medium... at the end of our conversation she said "remember to speak up ok?"

and that was the gift the whisper gave me today

and i loved myself enough to listen

and i got a gift!

lesson for today - love yourself and gifts will come

Thursday, August 13, 2009

about the inspiration

This blog starts with my friend mollie.

i hold mollie in the highest esteem.

she is a warrior of the quietest kind

she is living kindness and full of forgiving generosity

she models healing and self care (extreme self care is one of the phrases i associate with her)

and i am very glad she has come into my life.

One of the gifts she has given me was this phrase


and this resonated so deeply with the parts of me that are wounded and scared and want a way out that is full of integrity and light...

and this felt like the pathway

by just acknowledging that there is always the choice, always the possibility to choose love i felt liberated and like i had power over the pain...

I choose love

so to honour mollie and her wisdom, and to offer the gift of her words out into the world i decided to create this blog

and record the ways that i choose love

and offer you the space to show me how you choose love too