Wednesday, June 30, 2010

wishcasting Wednesday

what do you wish for your wellbeing

i wish to be radiantly well in all spheres of my being and i wish that for my family also

Saturday, June 26, 2010

"it is easy to make you happy"

I was making a joke with my daughter today.

She had been the waitress for our morning tea with my parents (pinwheel scone, apricot scones anyone?)

She was very graceful.

Still in her pyjamas she came to each of us and asked what we would like, diligently took our order down with pad and pen. After a trip to the kitchen to sister who was doling out the just out of the oven peices of deliciousness, waitress arrived back with scone and lashings of butter...

After the second round of morning tea, pad and pen in hand she asked me what i would like.

I said "a daughter who would give me a footspa and brush my hair".

And so she listened.

She set it up and bought my computer to me and here i sit.

Being pampered.

Soon i get a foot massage, to be dressed up in clothes of her choice and get makeup.

And she said "It is easy to make you happy"

How could i not be with love like that around me?

Finding happy has not always been easy for me,

it is easy to see hard and pain.

But finding happy easy should be something children learn right through school.

I am not into denying sad.

But lingering there eats away at all the things i need to send me out into my courageous life.

So i want to celebrate the love i have around me

and that it IS easy to make me happy

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

wishcasting wednesday - what fun do you wish to have?

wooo hooo


i wish to have fun in all areas of my life

my family

my marriage

my friends

my creativity

YAY FUN!!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

body language

today i am wearing some body language

i was inspired almost a year ago by a post written by the luminous Jen Gray

The photo showed words written on a chest and arms - words of courage and praise.

Words that built up.

Words that celebrated.

Words that encouraged.

I asked Jen if i could copy it and she graciously said yes.

I have waited until this last weekend to do the same with my beloved friends.

I believe passionately in the power of words to heal and to attract, to uplift and drag down.

I honour these women so deeply - and cherish what they have bought to their world as well as mine since i met them as a beginning mother about 10 years ago.

We gathered (minus one whose daughter was unwell) and ate and drank tea and talked and went deep into our souls....

naming that which we were scared of ...

naming that which we dreamed of...

naming that we wished to reject...

naming that we wished to claim....

each of us hennaed words onto each other, lovingly,

with artistry words like joy, self love, love, creativity, being heard, trust adorned us

i was stinky with fear and release by the time i took my turn

but the glory i felt when i was sitting with my arms and chest drying was indescribable

i was bigger

i was more of myself

and now it has worn off (i don't know how to get the henna recipe right)

but i have written the most potent one on my wrist.

it is peaking out from under my top.

it reminds me to see myself as worthy of good.

Even worthy of great.

And i now claim that as part of my body...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

wishcasting wednesday - what do i wish to nourish

i wish to nourish my creativity by listening to my intuition


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

today from meditation

i was gifted this

to be empty is to perpetuate lack in the world

to be bountious joyfull FULL is to acknowledge the abundance that is love

and that is the truth for all of us

wishcasting wednesday

I am participating in wishcasting Wednesday here because it is an act of love - a choice of love each time i do it

Thankyou Jamie and the circle you have created


I wish to leap into my creative life, fearless and bountiful...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vicki Wall

today i celebrate the love in action which manifests in the form of Vicki Wall

i met Vicki about 15 years ago when we were being employed together at a Psychiatric hospital in the service for people with Disabilities.

My first impression is that she never shut up.

She doesn't.

She also doesn't give up.

She also doesn't do anything without love.


She is the living example of love in action.

I can't list all the amazing things this one tiny woman has done in her life. But i will list some of the things that inspire me

She has raised 4 children, all educated in Steiner schools - seen them all develop into incredibly diverse and interesting people (and is awaiting her first Grandchild with much excitement and knitting!)

She worked tirelessly to gain her Masters of Nursing (graduated last week) largely in an effort to prove that nursing work was valuable in the lives of people with disabities.

She took clients that no other service wanted (the too hard basketeers) and created 4 residential services which are outstanding in terms of the quality of the service they provide and the sheer goodness which hits you when you walk in the door.

The Trust she established gifted 300 daffodil bulbs to their local council in an unused council plot as a gift of joy to the city.

She is generous in a way that my grandparents practised but i seldom see these days... contributing to the community is just what you do. And being there for people is not an optional extra.

She has a will of iron wrapped up in homespun wool. She is kind hearted and giggly and thought-full and courageous and tender and a possiblitiarian.

She is also living with secondaries from breast cancer discovered about 6 years ago.

And she still doesn't shut up.

Please join me in celebrating the choosing love Vicki does every minute of her day and wishing her a little more self love as part of her life....