Sunday, June 20, 2010

body language

today i am wearing some body language

i was inspired almost a year ago by a post written by the luminous Jen Gray

The photo showed words written on a chest and arms - words of courage and praise.

Words that built up.

Words that celebrated.

Words that encouraged.

I asked Jen if i could copy it and she graciously said yes.

I have waited until this last weekend to do the same with my beloved friends.

I believe passionately in the power of words to heal and to attract, to uplift and drag down.

I honour these women so deeply - and cherish what they have bought to their world as well as mine since i met them as a beginning mother about 10 years ago.

We gathered (minus one whose daughter was unwell) and ate and drank tea and talked and went deep into our souls....

naming that which we were scared of ...

naming that which we dreamed of...

naming that we wished to reject...

naming that we wished to claim....

each of us hennaed words onto each other, lovingly,

with artistry words like joy, self love, love, creativity, being heard, trust adorned us

i was stinky with fear and release by the time i took my turn

but the glory i felt when i was sitting with my arms and chest drying was indescribable

i was bigger

i was more of myself

and now it has worn off (i don't know how to get the henna recipe right)

but i have written the most potent one on my wrist.

it is peaking out from under my top.

it reminds me to see myself as worthy of good.

Even worthy of great.

And i now claim that as part of my body...


  1. The power that women create when gathered together is awesome and you're awesome for gathering this circle <3 I love the pun of "body language" and your wrist-word.
    Love you.

  2. What a beautiful day that sounds.
    I love your script so much I kind of wished it was permanent. It's funny because I have a wrist tattoo in mind but it keeps changing slightly as I do. There's one on my back (fortunately small) that I want a cover job on too. I guess that's the thing about tattoos. They're not going anywhere so yer better get it right. I'd like to think 'worthy' is 'worthy' of being unchangeable. A forever kind of thing. At the moment, I'd just like someone to write 'sleep' on me. Ha.

  3. (((Meg))) i am trying it out with the intent that it will be a tattoo....i have a tattoo that is now a little twee (a dolphin) but i still feel it's intent but you are right - i want to continue to be worthy of worth all my life...and hence the idea of a tattoo... i would paint you with sleep if i could (((my friend)))