Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vicki Wall

today i celebrate the love in action which manifests in the form of Vicki Wall

i met Vicki about 15 years ago when we were being employed together at a Psychiatric hospital in the service for people with Disabilities.

My first impression is that she never shut up.

She doesn't.

She also doesn't give up.

She also doesn't do anything without love.


She is the living example of love in action.

I can't list all the amazing things this one tiny woman has done in her life. But i will list some of the things that inspire me

She has raised 4 children, all educated in Steiner schools - seen them all develop into incredibly diverse and interesting people (and is awaiting her first Grandchild with much excitement and knitting!)

She worked tirelessly to gain her Masters of Nursing (graduated last week) largely in an effort to prove that nursing work was valuable in the lives of people with disabities.

She took clients that no other service wanted (the too hard basketeers) and created 4 residential services which are outstanding in terms of the quality of the service they provide and the sheer goodness which hits you when you walk in the door.

The Trust she established gifted 300 daffodil bulbs to their local council in an unused council plot as a gift of joy to the city.

She is generous in a way that my grandparents practised but i seldom see these days... contributing to the community is just what you do. And being there for people is not an optional extra.

She has a will of iron wrapped up in homespun wool. She is kind hearted and giggly and thought-full and courageous and tender and a possiblitiarian.

She is also living with secondaries from breast cancer discovered about 6 years ago.

And she still doesn't shut up.

Please join me in celebrating the choosing love Vicki does every minute of her day and wishing her a little more self love as part of her life....


  1. What an inspiring women! I wish her well in all she does. Thank you for posting these snippets of love x x

  2. ((((((Vicki Wall)))))) A wonderful woman indeed and I most definitely send her wishing vibes of self-love <3