Sunday, May 2, 2010

loving kindness

my 9 year old is having a hard time

she has been very fortunate in her school years to have found teachers who connect with her

who have seen the strengths in her and worked with those

i went to her most loved teacher recently

needing some help

and the teacher came and took my 9yearold to her house on a Sunday

fed the horses

baked some biscuits

played with the kittens

and filled my daughter up

i can't tell you what that choice of love has meant to our family


  1. So very lovely.
    What a treasure that teacher is.
    What a treasure your daughter is
    and you too, for asking for help
    and accepting it.

  2. This is so sad and happy and beautiful to me. I wish I'd had a teacher like that when I was 9. What a blessing she is. Both of them.