Sunday, April 25, 2010

helping homesickness

i have a lovely friend who is English

She is in NZ because she is madly in love with a New Zealander and has been long enough to make 4 babies with him, raise them here into lovely little New Zealanders.

She fits into Ag day

She likes to walk on our beaches

She has many friends

But her heart yearns for England

for the soft green curving hills

the ancient graceful buildings

the literature and erudition

and at this time of year

she misses the bluebells

she told me about them with tears in her eyes

and so i wanted to try and fix that ...

here is my effort....


  1. I empathise with your friend.
    I miss those things too.
    How fortunate she is to have you.

  2. It 's good that she has a friend that cares enough to cheer her up it can be hard being away from home