Tuesday, April 13, 2010

love made this happen

I have come here and spoken about Elizabeth Cunningham's generosity in sending my friends and i cds on the promise of a good night out when she comes to Whangarei...

that was love in action

also love in action was her gift of writing those words and telling that story... following the trail of thoughts and feelings Maeve left Elizabeth into the world that she created in her books

and then having the courage to go through the publishing and the book tours and all of that to bring Maeve to the world

that gift of love has changed my life

and inspired my art

and so i made these for her - they are Maeve Jesus and their daughter Sarah

they now live with Elizabeth as is right and proper....

and just as Elizabeth is changing the world by resonation with her words and her voice

i wish to change the world by making beauty

i could have kept my ideas to myself buried under piles of "i am not good enough", and "who do i think i am"...

but i didn't

i took courage and made them in all their imperfect glory...

that is an expression of love being chosen


  1. Beautiful work and a beautiful gesture, I'm sure Elizabeth appreciates them as much as you appreciate her words x

  2. Your love in action touches my heart
    and spreads warmth right through me.
    Thank you.

  3. These pieces are just STUNNING, darling! YOU are a creator of immense beauty, just as Elizabeth is. It's no wonder I love you both!♡