Thursday, March 25, 2010

the way...

(for Eila to celebrate her mental health day)

you haven't been sleeping til late.

often climbing into bed with me and holding my hand until you fall asleep.

the way you said, this morning, you felt sick.

and added non visible complaint after non visible complaint to a list to prove it.

The way i knew you were tired

and when i asked you what was really wrong,

while i stroked your hair, still full of chlorine and salt water,

and your eyes filled up

You took the risk

and you told me

about it all

and you opened your sad heart to me

you chose love

and i hope to live up to that choice.


  1. I'm full admiration for Eila's courage in opening her heart to love, and for saying "yes" to receiving love and healing.

  2. Im glad Eila is open to love.
    Sounds like you have a bond that will never be broken

  3. Thank you for this and your kind comment to me.

  4. What a beautiful daughter Eila is. And what a beautiful mother she has too.