Monday, March 1, 2010

the story of a miracle

a recent painting of another goddess my angel friend and i love together

now, i have a friend who is really an angel...

i know this because i have heard her sing

and i know this because the kind of crap she has been through wouldn't be loaded onto any mere mortal

and i know this because i see the geography of her heart and she is magnificent in her depth and heights and lows

and because she is made of love

The story is about how in her role as a La Leche League leader, (and awesome friend and well connected miracle worker- did i mention she is an angel???) supported a woman who had just given birth. This woman also had, besides being the vessel of a miracle, developed Reynauds syndrome - which is where there is a constriction of the blood vessels in the breast and is intensely painful. It also restricts the flow of colostrum

much against the mothers judgement the hospital (despite being a "baby friendly hospital") gave formula... (also against scientific guidelines etc but that's a whole other story)

my angel friend heard and gathered some of her own breast milk, along with two other mothers' milk - one of whom had only recently had a baby and was still producing precious colostrum and armed with information and protocols from elsewhere they went in. After much discussion and quoting WHO and support from some forward thinking midwives...they got her back on breastmilk exclusively!

through the grapevine a woman in another town heard and offered kilos of early breastmilk stored in her freezer ...

and wouldn't you know it a friend whose husband transports frozen goods heard and he was just leaving the other town with an empty truck... Would they like him to pick it up?

miracles miracles miracles

all because of that angel friend who was willing to stick her neck out

she chose love

and she changed the life of that little babe and their family


  1. What blessings she and you are in the world.
    Angelic painting.

  2. blessings to you beloved mollie...

  3. That is such a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL story!✿

  4. isn't it??? xxX Meg (the big one at the end is because you bloody well need one)