Saturday, February 27, 2010

(this is the bounty of the sea i found yesterday when i was at the beach, thinking of her)

i heard terrible news today - a woman i barely knew - but whose words i read, blog i read, followed her journeys and japes with a mixture of joy and envy - passed on yesterday...

this is a woman who wrote recently on her blog "My heart is so full of love today, it feels like it's going to explode and little sparkly bits are going to fly over the world as a result."

and love was chosen by all those left behind. remembering her fun, kindness, loving adventuresome nature.

friends reached out to each other over the net, and i am sure, in person, over the phone...

each time she was remembered a bit of love she had chosen to live was polished up - tumbled like the sea glass she loved, honoured...

i need to beleive that she was chosen by love

and is now luxuriating in that love she chose, in a boa, with a martini


  1. Beautiful gifts from the sea.
    Beautiful you.
    Beautiful Bella.

  2. i feel so effected by this mollie - but it is a reflection of how much i feel part of that community - the communities' pain has an echo in my heart...