Wednesday, February 24, 2010

finding love in the hard times

the next time something really shitty

or scary

or mean

or just downright yuk

happens to you

can you please close your eyes (or if you are in a meeting and can't be looking like you are completely zoning out then mentally close your eyes)

and imagine you have your arms around yourself and hear a voice (it could be your own voice or your beloved grandmother's voice or even mine - coz i'd say it if i was right there- it would have to have a funny kiwi accent though)saying

"it is alright darling, you are ok, this will be over soon, you are ok .."

it is guaranteed to make you feel better


  1. I agree.
    I do this (when I remember!)
    I haven't tried your accent yet though (lol)
    but next time, I will.

  2. lovley mollie you can channel my voice anytime you need it - just think northland kiwi girl accent with love and you've got it!!

  3. I've just found this wonder of words, i will remember this, and use it often, and pass it on (if thats ok?)
    In exchange i will offer you a picture of me this evening dancing alone around my kitchen to "Elenore" by the Turtles (serious 60's sounds!)singing, loving my life and being thankful for those in it who make it so wonderful. You and your words are on my list, i hope some of my happiness can find you if you ever feel the need for it! xxx