Wednesday, February 17, 2010

love in action through pictures

as a homebirther i honour the place that a good midwife has in holding the space for birth to be a sacred and healing event in a woman's life.

i have had the honour of walking the path with two wonderful midwives and have sat with midwives through reviews and conferences, shared laughter and tears as they spoke about their work... being hand in hand with a miracle

recently the local independent midwives' rooms burnt down - it was inexplicable arson

and they lost all their beautiful pregnancy art they had accumulated over the years

so i listened to the murmurings in my heart about how it ached for the women who give up so much to offer their service to the world...because i beleive a loving entry into the world for a baby and a loving and empowering entry into the world of motherhood for women, is one of the most effective ways of healing the planet...
i wanted to offer something to balance the negativity that had been sent their way in the form of losing their treasures (and records and equipment etc etc)
so i painted this woman...
she is going to live with them next week
it feels so wonderful to be able to offer an expression of beauty to these wonderful women who give so much


  1. wow, that's a very loving thing to do ! I think we all can give back in a way that's comfortable and natural to us. thanks for paving the way.

  2. Compassion.
    That's what love in action is.
    And you have it in spades.
    Gorgeous woman.
    (You and the painting!)