Wednesday, February 3, 2010

not only human ( may be triggers)

(another one of our sheep, Misty with two healthy twins, minutes old)

today i saw love in action but not in the human world

our sheep, Jerry Collins, gave birth to a boy lamb, but she still looked like she was in labour - we thought she may have retained some placenta so let her rest quietly overnight with her lamb in the hope that his drinking would stimulate her uterus.

this morning she looked worse and still contracting

the vet came and after a very difficult manouevre he removed another lamb which was stillborn

poor Jerry

she was in shock, lying there frightened and sore... and still she sort out her boy.

she tried to stand to protect him.

even after all she had been through, her mind was open to her lovely little boy.

i am sure zoologist would argue anthropomorphism

but i felt the love there - Jerry chose love over fear

and that is the bravest thing anyone can do

RIP Stu-too

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  1. xx I believe all living things Love. Thank you for believing, too xx