Friday, January 22, 2010

love in action

i have been holding the space for this blog to tell me what it wants....

and this afternooon i thought "why not just write about love in action?"

so when i see love in action i will write about it... and i encourage you to write about it too...

The love i see today is the love my daughter Willow, showed herself...

we are getting ready to go away and had spent some time delivering the guinea pigs to our friends' house.

Willow came home tired and not sure what she wanted to she decided on a foot spa... she got herself some cashew nuts, asked for some sprite (left over from her sister's birthday - we never have it otherwise)cuddled up with the poodle and after a little too much detergent for bubbles this is what she looked like...

she showed self love - did something soothing and pampering for herself... she filled her own cup

if more people did that chose self love and self care what a healthy world this would be...

what self loving thing have you noticed?


  1. All those bubbles made me laugh :)

    It's wonderful how Willow found the self-love she needed and acted on it.


  2. Hi this is the realsherryrose from the Sark community forum I totally agree what wonderful
    world this would be if we took better care of ourselves.